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For those who care, a Sabo update

I talked to Mr. Ryan Sabo this morning at around 3am. He said that they've been catching a lot of fish, but there's a limit as to how much each boat can take to the cannery. (Did I ever tell anyone that the cannery caught on fire last week? Yeah, that sucks.) The water is really rough and dangerous because it's been really stormy and windy lately (just what the girlfriend likes to hear), but everything is going fine.

If anyone wants/needs to tell him something (ahem, Barry), the information would be much likelier to get to him if you either tell me so that I can tell him or write him a letter. I can give you his address. I think he may have checked his voicemail once since he's been there, and now that he's fishing I doubt he'll check it again until he gets back.

Every time he calls, he says to tell everyone at the Diner hello. So, hello from Ryan, Diner people.

And now, I feel my obligation to keep people informed has been fulfilled.
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...heheh... kind of like when my best friend's boyfriend was in Iraq, and he kept telling her about how he kept gettin' shot at by haaji! With grenade launchers & stuff...

...yeah, she pretty much had a nervous breakdown.

Tell Ryry I said hi-hi.
I used to yell at him whenever he launched into his "I almost die at least once every time I go up to Alaska" stories.

I will most certainly tell Ryry that you said hi-hi. In those words exactly, I believe. :-)
Yes, I have a message: CALL ME, FUCKER!

I've mentioned it to him. He doesn't even call his parents anymore. When he calls me at 3am, he asks me to call his parents the next day to tell them that he's okay. I only ever really talk to him for about ten minutes once a week anymore. :-(

I'll tell him again that he needs to call you, though.